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3 Reasons Why Mobile Barcode Printers are Ideal for Warehouse Applications

3 Reasons Why Mobile Barcode Printers are Ideal for Warehouse Applications

What first comes to mind when you think about the kinds of printers that people use in warehouses?
If you’re picturing industrial or desktop barcode printers, you’re not alone.
In fact, this is what many people picture when they think about barcode printer usage in warehouses.
But the world of printers is changing.
While industrial and desktop barcode printers still have their place in warehouses, mobile printers have started making a name for themselves in warehouses, too.
Discover three reasons why mobile barcode printers are ideal for warehouse applications in today’s post….

1. They can make product marking and labeling easier during the cross-docking of materials.

Some logistics companies use cross-docking in their warehouse and logistics operations. In a typical cross-docking process, a manufacturer or supplier delivers products directly to its customers.
Often, a truck or railcar of goods will arrive, and workers will parcel the goods onto loading docks. As you can imagine, mobile printers are well-suited for product marking and labeling during cross-docking operations since workers are on the move.
Instead of having to, say, bring products into the warehouse to a stationary printer in order to label them for shipping, workers can now just use mobile printers for applications on the go. This saves time and makes the cross-docking process more efficient.

2. Mobile and printers can save valuable time and effort at loading docks and loading bays. 

Mobile printers aren’t just ideal for cross-decking; they can also be used during shipping and receiving operations at a loading dock or a loading bay.
When operators are ensuring that the pallet IDs are properly marked or have to remark shipments on racks, a mobile solution helps to save time and effort since they can print labels right there instead of having to go back and forth to a fixed station.

3. You can use mobile barcode printers on forklifts and other lift trucks.

Because of the explosive growth of the ecommerce industry in recent years, warehouses and distribution centers keep getting bigger and bigger.
With this increase in footprint, having to use a stationary large industrial printer to print and retrieve labels increases time and decreases efficiency. Enter mobile printers.
Operators can use mobile printers for printing shipping labels directly from their own forklifts. Consider the solution recently created by one of our partners in France.
ID Services, an integrator and expert in logistics solutions, embedded mobile barcode printers on any type of lift truck using a specifically designed mechanical support and power converter.
Given the limited space on the new generation of forklifts, ID Services chose the TSC Alpha-4L mobile barcode printer due to its compact size. The printer’s small footprint ergonomically fits within the constraints of the operator workstation.
Thanks to this embedded solution, operators benefit from a suitable “nomadic” workstation. They can manage their activities in full autonomy and print shipping labels directly on their forklifts.
Check out the entire success story here.


Mobile printers are ideal for applications beyond industries they’re more known for like retail and grocery. They’re a great solution for warehouse applications, giving workers and operators a sufficient way to print labels on the go.
Looking for a great mobile printer for warehouse applications? Consider the Alpha-4L from TSC.
This 4-inch direct thermal portable label printer features a rugged design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed.
The Alpha-4L is a comfortable, lightweight printer capable of working with any mobile label, document or receipt printing application where you need labels printed wherever you are.

Check out the Alpha-4L.